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points, a season average is under nine. so kinl bone starting the senior at the right time. plz a heads up play by koprivica. he feels pondexter are slhow on the pick and roll and a nice ni. and now as a senior, i thought it was wise move by ken bone to go with the seniors used to this kind of environment. >> miles: they're playing well. he's earned the spot. >> steve: pondexter dropped two home to make it a six point game. back in at the point. reggie moore at the side line.
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in the next opportunity. and thames for his second three. >> miles: all created by klay thompson on the dribble drive. defense sucks in knowing that he's the leading scorer in the conference. >> steve: gaddy with his first shot attempt. there's pondexter with the muscle and he'll wind up at the free-throw line for two shots. no surprise that they've taken seven three-pointers, but they lead the pac-10 at 38%. but when you're 5-7, it's hard to beat teams when they're shooting that well outside. >> miles: huskies have let them get in a rhythm. er they're shooting wide open. not one has been a contested three yet. >> steve: and stanford and cal are both three point shooting teams and washington did a fantastic job defensively on those in this building. >> miles: they'll need it get out to these guys today. maybe we'll see a little zone defense at some point because right now the man-to-man defense
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is getting sliced up. >> steve: enquist comes in for washington state. reggie moore also back in. pondexter makes it a 23-16 game. isaiah thomas defending clay thompson who tries to back him down. he still has been shut out, on the leading scorer has not scored in the first ten minutes of this game. >> miles: start play, i'll live with that shot. he recognizes smaller defend, i'm 6'6", he's 5'8", i can get to the shot that i want to get to. he just didn't knock it down. >> steve: second foul on bryan-amaning. he may have to come out. at the free-throw line is charlie enquist, sophomore from edmonds, washington.
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talks to matthew bryan-amaning. they'll need his rebounding and shot blocking ability. second personal foul early in this game. >> miles: they're in the bonus halfway through the first half. these guys are going to the line for one and one or double bonus the rest of the half. >> steve: where eat energy by washington? i mean, lorenzo low mar gromar the team in practice yesterday for being too quiet. breshers going inside and quick with the block, but also with the foul. >> miles: great look there by gaddy. a look away and the nice tyreese breshers. a little bit too long to gather himself. you got to be able to go right up with that, big fellow. >> steve: there's lorenzo romar. and he's a real gentleman.
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i've never heard him use a swear word this practice. but he stopped practice and he said we're going to come this the right way, we're not going to just go through the motions. and his assistants were getting after it, as well. >> miles: that's how important holding your home court is in this league. they have played well besides maybe the oregon game at home as their only loss this year. but he knows the intensity and the energy these guys immediate to bring every night. >> steve: and lorenzo said if the huskies lose one or two more games, their only chance of playing in the ncaa attorneyment will be winning the pac-10 tournament. thompson being defended by isaiah thomas. you might think that's a mismatch at 5'8", but is he a good defender. >> miles: off the ball foul on overton. not a smart foul to put your hands on reggie moore.
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now you're sending him to the line for a within on one situation. >> abe the 6'7" sophomore. misses the front end of the bhoe fuss. overton. abdul gaddy working with miles yesterday. you beat him in horse. >> miles: we had always shoot around before the game. an excellent shooter. better than the numbers show. >> steve: gaddy going to the save and smashes against the protective area, the signage. but great hustle by the freshman. >> miles: a lot of people don't know that abdul gaddy just turned 18 this past tuesday. he'll an senior in high school getting ready for the washington state playoffs, instead he's in the heart of a pac-10 race at a young 18 years old. >> steve: i'm not going to say he's going to be like brandon roy, but i remember roy early in his career, young guy, struggled
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a little bit early, but came on as a brilliant player in this conference late and now a great start with the portland trail blazers. >> miles: abdul gaddy by the time his career is done will be one of the breast point guards in the conference. >> steve: if not the nation. >> miles: exactly. >> steve: you saw him in high school and you told me he was special. >> miles: unbelievable. the head coach at memphis, he reminds us of a four man gadity, the wae i could shoot the wall and score. his passing ability is uncanny. >> steve: draws the foul and will wind up at the free-throw line as washington trying to come back on the cougars. washington state's last win at seattle was january two years ago when they won 56-52. that was against a tony bennett team who is now the coach at virginia. and virginia playing north carolina tomorrow in a game we can watch on many of these
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affiliates. >> miles: when speaking with abdul yesterday at practice, i asked him just what's been the biggest adjustment, why do you think you having he willed so much. and he said the speed of the game is so much different in college. and that's why i feel he's so young. once his bed catches up to him and he catches up to the speed of the game, people across the country have to watch out for this young man. >> steve: the pac-10 is so very young. when five of your top ten skorper, rebounders and assist men are underclass men, but great recruiting and great newcomers in the league right now like reggie moore, the pressure man with the basketball. thompson just a sophomore. and clay owing throwses it away. a battle is won by washington. and a held ball situation. >> miles: i thought that was a good call. thompson had his hand squarely
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on the basketball there trying to rip it away. that's all ball. huskies retain possession. >> steve: getting to the sweet spot. >> miles: that's where you have to go. sucks the defense in. >> steve: we talked about it early. finally they got to that location. a 6-0 washington run. a whistle. and ken bone calls time-out. he was all the way on the floor trying to get his team's attention. time-out. >> miles: splits the fwgap. overton is left-handed, but now trying on get the krod right into the game.
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>> steve: surprising to see them go down by as many as nine in this first half, but they are five for their last seven shooting the ball after starting an abysmal 2-12. this february american sport comes home as nascar goes back to its roots with racing like it's meant to be and it all starts with the great american race. the 2010 season of nascar on fox begins february 14th with the daytona 500. washington has been tremendous at home. 13-1 in seattle. their only loss to oregon. yet they are 0-6 away from b of a. >> miles: out of this time-out, look at these match-ups. they have isaiah thomas guarding klay thompson and justin holiday their longer defender guarding koprivica and a great job by ken bone, he recognized that and
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goes right to klay thompson on the side line out of bounds. >> steve: they'll be sg hrow we ack.
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>> steve: we come to you from seattle, washington. cougars lead by tlohree. klay thompson, the leading scorer in the conference, he has
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yet to score. >> miles: it's not going to be one guy that shuts down thompson, it will be a group of defenders. the cougars end up going away from thompson, not able to find him or get him going. >> steve: and you really felt that he had to have one of those 20, 25 point games for them to have a chance against washington. yet they lead and he hasn't scored. >> miles: his teammates have done a great job of picking up the slack. koprivica has hit four threes which has been the difference so far, but thompson has still been aggressive looking for his shot. he hasn't been passive at all. >> steve: thompson an 80% foul shooter gives also an opportunity for the second as he makes the front end of the bonus. this is the sophomore, led his high school team to the division three state championship. >> miles: we talk about thompson the change of style that coach
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bone has brought that thunderstorm son has bought into. 133 free throws he has shot this year. last year only took 31 total. >> steve: is that the difference in offenses or the difference in thompson? >> miles: i think difference in offer fences because this offense allows him to be more aggressive. there's more possessions, more chances for him to up it the ball. >> steve: they gave gaddy a wide open shot and he miss long. >> miles: he complaian't hesita. >> steve: thompson has numbers the other way. klay with the pullup. knocked out of bounds and that should be washington basketball. it will. >> miles: they had a four on two situation and make something happen for himself or his teammate. >> steve: it is amazing that washington state has the lead with thompson only two points and the fact that the two big guys, watson and casto, haven't
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played much ball of foul problems. each with two. thompson 0-4 from the field. back to the 2-3 zone. there's the gap. and pondexter makes them pay. >> miles: he might be the most effective player in the league. he can just really square up, get to the rim. he finds open spots against queens againsts. >> steve: pondexter two points shy of 1500 in his marvelous career. reggie moore now being defended by quincy. >> miles: the versatility of the husky defense, they can switch those on balls. >> steve: moore trying to dribble. finds thompson. klay still has not scored from the field. owes 0-5.
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isaiah. knocked down by koprivica. second foul on the kola. >> miles: isaiah thocmas a good job. good call by the referee. >> steve: almost likooked like isaiah got off balance. do you stay with your senior who has two fouls still with 5:51 remaining in the first half? he has had a marvelous first half already with 12 points. 4-4 from the floor and 3-3 from three point range. enquist will leave. koprivica stays out there and casto now will play with two fouls. isaiah makes the first. is it a good sign or a bad sign
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that washington state is leading despite an empty first half from klay thompson in. >> miles: i think it's and he great sign. anytime you can lead on the road in a hostel atmosphere and your best player has not got going yet, i think you're in good shape. thompson's had good looks. he will knock down at some poents if he continues to get those open shots. >> steve: thomas makes one of two but then they get the offensive rebound. turnovers in to points and offensive rebounds. he taps to himself. three on two break. and pondexter will be called for the foul as koprivica more of a catch and shoot guy last year slashing to the basket. now he'll go to the line for within plus the penalty. >> miles: i think the washington state guards have done a good job of dictating the tempo of this game. offensively, they've been under control, not in a rush. the turnovers that they've had have not led to easy lay-ups or open shots on the other end.
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they've been balls fumbled out of bounds where they've still been able to set their defense before washington has been more hesitant, not getting to the heart of that zone against, not able to put the ball in transition. but credit the cougar guarding for being the dominant force out there on the floor right now. >> steve: and you'll see more of that zone unless they can pick it apart. ucla did a great job with the 2-3 last weekend knocking off the hufrkkys. >> miles: illegal pick there. >> steve: and that's his first personal foul. he's averaging just ten minutes per game the last five. and gant a starter last year. moore defended by overton.
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reggie has it stripped by venoy. pondexter. yes! >> miles: two great plays by venoy overton. the strip, push it is up and give it is to his partner for the easy lay-up. >> steve: casto. good move. no finish. foul called against the cougars and the huskies have a chance to take the lead. and thames and pondexter shouting at each other. hey, young fresh men, don't take on a senior. >> miles: you you got to love the atmosphere in this takes it personal. draws the defense. coupon with the nice finish at
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the rim. >> steve: pondexter loves playing at the university of washington. and he was talking with us about growing as a player and you
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the slam. and then as miles simons said
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mean mugging the crowd. getly tumbe thisnt, e th... e ma mon we mr ye willave erag ou n mos t no now co! kickmalless putour ss on t. fse, go h ! f checase. mostre 3rage an ath v wir her ee. ur bs . ♪ kfc grrwing nate grio se thef-a-aste who tring r aet o ♪ medas wi engd 7 g nanolo conlant to cnts. rst- hs h
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ly rexus >> steve: washington trailing at home by three to washington state. let's look at our lexus play book. >> miles: sets his man up. comes for the pick and roll. quincy pondexter loses contact with koprivica allowing
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koprivica to go ahead and flip to the rim for the old fashioned and one. >> steve: four of four from the field and two of three foul shots, so almost having a perfect game. also two z as and four rebounds. and that's also with casto and watson in foul trouble and koprivica really needed to pick it up. reggie moore, you talked in the open about him controlling the basketball. he has five turnovers in the first half already and they've led to some washington appointments coming back in this game. >> miles: a couple were fumbled balls out of bounds, so a couple not his fault, but the last one you can see the ups and downs that coach bone has to live with. on one play he makes a great field and dunk and then throws it completely over his teammate's head. >> steve: breshers powers his way up and in.
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one point game. >> miles: breshers earned the start in now seven straight games. asserting himself down low. gets the one on one situation and takes advantage of it. >> steve: thames now running the point with moore moving to the off guard spot. they get it inside. knocked away by breshers. overton. missing the plethree. holiday with the hustle rebound. pondexter, he's short. four times they had a shot at that time. make it five. and overton short. pondexter. finally a whistle.
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ken bone has to be furious at the way his team blocked out. >> miles: was that unbelievable? offensive rebound, offensive rebound, staying with it. second. third. fourth effort by the huskies. a lot of the cougars just standing around watching waiting for someone else to grab the rebound. a great stat that the huskies have, they rebound 39% of their missed shots. so almost out of ten shots they'll get four of help back. >> steve: pondexter getting hit underneath. he already has 14 first half points. as a team, washington is 10-32 and they have five misses on that exchange. overton coming out. >> miles: they put pressure on teams on the defensive end and help try to convert on the offensive end. >> steve: the crowd roaring as washington has their first lead
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of the game. thames. how about the freshman? i was about ready to say i don't know about that coming off the dribble. but he matt bucket. >> miles: he has stepped up for klay thompson in his starting role tonight and played really well. >> steve: nine points. two shy of his career-high. and klay thompson has not scored a field goal. he's 0-5. he's going to take it in. again missing. he's 0-6 and showing a bit of frustration heading back on defense. pondexter way too much room. >> miles: no one is talking on the back side of the zone is where pondexter is coming to. he's flashing high, but none of the back line guys talking letting moore and thames know where he's at. >> steve: blocking foul on
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tyreese breshers. >> miles: pondexter just roaming around, nobody really touching him. thames not denying him the ball at the high post. those are easy looks ten feet and in for pondexter. >> steve: casto with two fouls. he does not have the depth at that position on the bench. the halftime report coming your way. great games today in college basketball. it's almost an rpe weekend as in the rpe number two kansas plays kansas state and the wildcats are number five in the rpi, mum three duke versus georgetown, they're number six in the rpi. last time those two teams met, j.j. reddick at 41. here we've got gaddy back at the point. pondexter has been brilliant in the first half for 17.
4:31 pm
turner misses the three badly. gant to moore. thompson. swatted away. he's 0-7. finally his first field goal of the half. puts the cougars in front by four. >> miles: that's what scorers do. they stay with it. he's not hesitant. he's still going to keep putting the ball up and try to get his team involved. great pass. >> steve: i remember whenever you had an 0-8 start. >> miles: happened a couple times. >> steve: pondexter has 19. >> miles: putting the ball on the floor, carrying the husky team in the first half. >> steve: and quincy thrown down by they did not see it. >> miles: just leveled him with the forearm shiver.
4:32 pm
>> steve: thames. good off the dribble. xavier thames has tied his career-high. >> miles: pondexter getting back on defense and he says get out of my way. i got to do something to rattle your bones. >> steve: and he had his head turned, was looking at the action the players coming from the other side of the floor. so did not see it. that's the end of the first half with the score waushington 40, washington state 36. when we return, it's time for the acura halftime report.
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w hom.
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welcome in inside our l.a. studios. first let's recap what happened thursday night in the pac-10. we start with ucla visiting oregon. under a minute left. taking to the hoop, gets hit. and hit. duks win over the bruins. usc at oregon state, second half oregon state leading by 5 before haines driving baseline. the news move there. beavers win it. s stanford and arizona. derrick williams running the floor. he had 23. cal at arizona state, second half, showing off some foot work down low. cal the winner 78-07 on the
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road. don't forget 30 minutes of highlight in the final score presented by burger king. now more of the acura me dy tink ng? ♪ kfc grrwing nate grio se thef-a-aste who tring r aet o ♪
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tring r aet o the images from haiti are heart-breaking-- homes, hospitals, and schools destroyed; families searching for loved ones; parents trying to feed their children. but we can all do something.
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we can help the american red cross as it delivers the food, water, and medicine that can save lives. donate $10 by texting "haiti" to 9-0-9-9-9. visit or call 1-800-red-cross. thanks for your help. our acura halftime report continues from seattle with
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washington state holding the lead over washington. we come to you from seattle, 40-36 is the score snd here's your opportunity to win two tickets to the pac-10 men's basketball tournament on march 10th through the 13th. to enter go to and click on the entry link. and this is a great chance to get your tickets and enjoy that whole area, great restaurants, it's a wonderful time and a lot of basketball. love it. also they have the hall of honor going on. some great stars of the past will be there. cougars by four.
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>> steve: washington state has a fur point lead. i thought one of the key moves in the first half was starting
4:44 pm
koprivica, who's had a terrific january, over the sophomore. >> miles: he's done a great job of picking up the scoring that klay thompson hadn't really produced. cop riva the leading three-point shooter in the conference, 50%, 3-3 in the first half. there was a slip on the pick and roll. the old fashioned three-point play. >> steve: and hen coupon, 19 points. >> miles: doing what he's supposed to do, taking guys off the dribble, has four offensive rebounds, 19 points and seven boards in the first half for quincy pondexter. >> steve: you see the shooting washington only at 33% and 1-9 from three point range, but they have scored neen points off nine washington state attorneyovers. >> miles: a good job trying to get it into the paint and also turnovers. trying to get the teams at everyone a higher pace. >> steve: the 100th anniversary
4:45 pm
of the hard wood version of the apple cup and the cougars have the halftime lead. got can'eve . ruin ay, ohnot deal u juta l end nees you d it eas kno do ynk y? me
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sh i ♪ kfc grrwing nate grio se thef-a-aste who tring r aet o ♪ e th... e ma mon we mr ye willave erag ou n mos t no now co! kickmalless putour ss on t. fse, go h ! f checase. mostre 3rage an ath v wir
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her ee. ur business on the map. her ee. traese abat ye up fd no you likerici dget at eat. om ttch leed yogspa fon youngr taki yous, ly ifeelit. then'ties, theysics ft thk on.
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>> steve: that's the way you come to enjoy a basketball game. a little wine and cheese and the simon yacht, washington state with a 40-36 lead over the washingtonhusky smiling, but she's saying our guards have to be more active. >> miles: need to shoot a little
4:49 pm
bit better. the zone that the cougars have played has frustrated those guy, made them settle for a lot of perimeter jump shots. >> steve: that guy was fantastic in the first half with 19 points, 6-11 from the floor and 7-8 from the foul line. quincy plays at the front line. his backcourt were a combined 3-18. and isaiah, seems like he's feeling fatigued. of that tuesday illness that kept him from playing in the seattle game. >> miles: we talked about the unbalanced scoring. huskies. they're really top heavy. 19 a game for pondexter. he's already at his average. thomas getting 17 or 18 a game. and then where does the other scoring come from? tonight it's really 199 next highest guy only has five points and that's breshers. >> steve: the worry romar has is we held thomp so is son to five
4:50 pm
but what if he fgoes off in the second half. he will not start the second half. moore. isaiah thomas with the personal foul. that's his second. just doesn't look like isaiah is playing with the same kind of energy i saw against stanford and cal. >> miles: a lot of guys trying to take advantage of that mismatch, that size mismatch on thomas. if he was in the nba, he would put that ball in the air. >> steve: mads a mistake by fouling thames. so two fouls early to open the second half. and abdul will come out and overton comes in.
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defens attack the gap. isaiah thomas split thames. beat it is with the reach. casto comes to help. always bits of an off arm action but sometimes when you're a small arm guy, you have to use any advantage that you can get. >> steve: casto picks up his third personal foul, but the first field goal today by isaiah thomas and klay thompson comes back in the game. he was held to five points. we told you late to the team bus yesterday to practice. just a miscommunication. and ken bone did not start him. thomas missing the three point play. >> miles: still may be suffering a little bit of ill effect from
4:55 pm
the stop mach virus he had. >> steve: watson misses. breshers just lost the handle on it. thames ahead to moore. moore will drive. and watson can't finish him. breshers bowl it is it down. overton. got it. >> miles: if you want to win on the road, those are the opportunities you have to convert. those two little chip pis right there in the lane, now a four point swing and the crowd right back into it. >> steve: reggie. short. washington for the lead. a three on one. thomas!
4:56 pm
>> miles: huskies taking advantage of missed shots. overtop with the hard drive, converting after the two misses on the other end by the ars. nice pass by isaiah thomas. strong finish by justin holiday. >> steve: this is a dangerous time if washington state because the way washington is playing, all of a sudden they're getting the crowd into it. that's energizing their defense. >> miles: and watch for the defensive pressure to pick up. try to force this young cougar team into more turnovers so the huskies can get out and run. >> steve: washington state 0-6 in the second half. trails by two. they led by four at the break. moore on the side line. they got to thames. i thought he had the shot. turned it down. klay thompson with the left hand misses. washington going. no foul called.
4:57 pm
now there is a foul called. it's against thompson. >> you can't turn the missed lay-up into a foul. don't compound the play. just get back on defense. get your team set back in the 2-3 zone. >> steve: klay thompson is now 1-10 from the field. did not start, we told you. but having a rough time take. and this is a guy who scored 43 points in that alaska shoot-out. won't go. nikola. koprivica. misses the three. here comes washington. isaiah thomas and a foul against the cougars. >> miles: seems like washington state has been turning down good shots but making that extra pass
4:58 pm
which is positive, but little in the paint. a couple times casto has had it in the paint and not gone up strong and tried to finish up the rim. washington is taking advantage of those misses, attacking the cougar defense before it can get set. >> steve: casto got a cut in his face as he's going up for a rebound, so casto is out with three fouls. looks like they're shoving it it up under his gums, so maybe he got a tooth pushed back. thomas misses. this is a shot nearly 80% of the time he puts those down. isaiah staying on klay thompson. 1-11. >> miles: just can't find a rhythm. there's a lid on the basket for
4:59 pm
klay thompson. >> steve: a 10-0 husky run has the crowd going crazy here at bank of america arena. washington state has not made a field goal in the second half. oh, look at this place? the roof's coming off! time-out cougars. ryan-amaning. and waon hir b le

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